Blog Growth Strategies – Our 49th Month Blogging

Our 49th-month blogging had some ups and downs. Although we miraculously pulled off 30K page views, it was very touch and go for a while.  

A strong finish helped us achieve our goals this month, and we’re hoping that this strength continues for a formidable start to the new year! 

Our readership this month was consistent with the past few months. We’ve achieved approximately thirty thousand page views for three months now, which is amazing, but we’re ready to move on and see even more gains!


Unfortunately, we struggled with Google indexing problems for the majority of the month. The problems started at the end of November, and we weren’t able to resolve them until the 23rd of this month.

Why Was This Month Touch and Go?

We had an incorrect setting in our Rankmath SEO plugin and needed to upload a new site map to Google Search Console. In addition, we did some work on our site speed and core web vitals.

How Did We Fix the Indexing Issues?

After we fixed our indexing issues, our traffic picked up for the rest of the month. We started seeing 1500-2000 users per day by the end of the month, which is amazing!

How Are We Getting So Much Traffic?

Our SEO improvements are finally starting to pay off. One of our most important posts is sitting at position 3 on Google, while the rest of the posts we are focusing on continue to move up in the rankings.

SEO Improvement