Brain Dump: Your Secret Productivity Weapon

Our brains are tangled webs of thoughts and goals, ideas and memories, to-do lists, phone numbers, names, faces, and the plethora of things you need to remember for work tomorrow. 

I’m exhausted just thinking about all the things we need to know, aren’t you? A Brain Dump can help

A brain dump is a system of letting all of your thoughts, feelings, and ideas flow out of your brain and into someplace else

What is a Brain Dump?

The purpose of a brain dump is to clear your mind. Recording all of your thoughts and feelings someplace else permits you to get it out of your brain, to stop thinking about it

What's the purpose of brain dumping?

There are multiple ways to do a brain dump. My favorite is to brain dump into a journal, but others use to-do lists, apps, mind maps, or even audio recordings.

How do you do a Brain Dump?

Journals and pens are great first starts. You may also want to grab a calendar, planner, productivity app, or brain dump worksheet!

Tools For Brain Dumping

Brain dumping has many benefits. It can help you clear your mind and be more relaxed or help you increase your productivity.

Benefits of Brain Dumping