Top Hidden Costs of Buying a House No One Warns You About

Houses are expensive

According to Fool, the median home price in the United States is nearly $400,000!  

More than upfront Costs

Unfortunately, that’s only the upfront cost of buying a home. Make sure you factor these ten hidden costs of buying a house into your budget! 


Whether moving cross country or just across town, hiring the truck or movers will cost you. 

Furniture and Decor

A fun part about getting a new house is decorating it. However, getting the perfect furnishings and decorations can cost a ton of money. 

Closing Costs

Closing costs include attorney fees, the first home inspection, escrow fees, and many other miscellaneous things that all the companies involved in closing charge you for. 


homeowner’s insurance is a must-have when financing a home. Usually, your lender will discuss the approximate costs with you well before you sign the final paperwork. 

Swipe up for more hidden costs of buying a home!

Swipe up for more hidden costs of buying a home!