Chat Rooms are Dead. Here's Where To Go Instead

Do Chat Rooms Still Exist?

Although the ancient chat rooms we used in the late 1990s no longer exist as they once did, new ones frequently emerge.  

Existing Chat Rooms

Wire Club, Chat Blink, and Chat Roulette are currently running and very similar to those old-school rooms

problems with chat rooms

The problem with those platforms and old chat rooms is the abuse and inappropriate behavior

Chat Room Alternatives

Here are some modern apps that are similar to chat rooms but reduce the harrassment!


Discord is the best modern chat room alternative. You can talk to strangers for free with the safety of moderation. 

Social Media

Connect with users all over the world with social media, but lose the ability to have real-time or private conversations. 

Web Forums

Web forums are great places to interact with strangers over time. While chat room conversations are real-time, web forums move more gradually. 

Swipe up for more chat room alternatives!

Swipe up for more chat room alternatives!