Cheap Food: 18 Cheap Meal Ideas to Help You Eat for Less

Everything is expensive. But there’s a way to cut back on at least one of those things.

So here are some ways to get cheap food and lower at least one of those expenses. 

-Buy Generic  -Check the Clearance Section for Cheap Food  -Buy Things that are Generally Cheap

At The Grocery Store

-Pantry Challenge  -Be Creative with Leftovers

Use What You Have at Home

-Avocado Toast   -Cottage Cheese & Fruit -Egg Sandwich  Generally  -Cereal

Cheap Breakfast Idea

-Sandwiches  -Veggies and Hummus  -Soup

Cheap Lunch Idea

-Sausage Lentil Medley  -Cheeseburgers  -Potato Tacos  -Stir Fry

Cheap Dinner Idea