Choosing the Right Paper for Watercolors

Watercolor is Particular

Watercolors are very runny, you can’t use just any type of drawing paper or paper pad to get the effects that you want . 

Most Paper is too Solvent

Many paper types absorb water too readily.  They will start to warp and even dissolve when you start applying watercolor paints. 

Getting the Right Paper

Getting the right paper is imperative to creating a work of art that lasts.  Here are some tips on finding the right watercolor paper

Use Cotton Rag

Cotton Rag is the most popular choice of serious watercolorist. The heavier the paper, the more versatility you get out of it. 

Watercolor Blocks

The paper from a watercolor block is almost always thick enough that no water or pigment will penetrate 

Using Cheaper Paper

If your budget is tight and you're just experimenting, there's nothing wrong with opting for the cheaper options in pad form

Cheaper papers

With a little prep work you can flatten the surface by giving it a once over with water and letting it dry completely. You need to stretch it flat before painting to prevent it from buckling

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