Cosigning My Life Away

I’m writing a cautionary tale for all my readers (because it’s too late for me!). As you know from reading about the Worst Financial Decision of my Life, I cosigned on a car for someone when I probably shouldn’t have. 

But unfortunately for me (and please learn from my mistakes!), this wasn’t the only time I’ve cosigned. 

I haven’t even only done it twice. I’ve cosigned for stuff on three separate occasions!   

My first experience cosigning came about 11 years ago. I cosigned on a type of student loan for my then-boyfriend.

The First Time I Cosigned

I don’t regret this one. We were together, and we needed the money. Having this loan helped us survive during our first year in California.

No Regrets There

I don’t really regret the second time I cosigned either, even though I had to pay more than I intended. I helped my brother buy his house.

Cosigning my life away for family

Unfortunately, his family fell a bit on hard times last summer, and he didn’t want to tell me that he missed a payment because he was planning on making it up in the coming months.

A Costly Decision

Imagine my surprise when I applied for a mortgage and was told my other mortgage was thirty days behind. That’s not something you want to hear!  I was livid! 

Learning it was Behind

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