8 Creative Painting Surfaces for Art Projects

Painting is an amazing hobby. It’s a relaxing yet still a way to harness your creative energy into something productive.

So let’s dive into the best painting surfaces – from the traditional to the obscure, you will find something interesting to paint on!

Canvas is the go-to painting surface for most artists. How many times have you browsed a museum and noticed all the “oil on canvas” tags next to famous paintings? It’s tried and true.


Hardboard comes in different thicknesses, so the thicker hardboard will have a better time of holding its form in larger dimensions.


Gesso is perfect for a flat surface, and several layers, with some sanding in between, will create a strong flexible barrier between your paint and the mdf.

Creative Painting Surfaces

Sometimes, canvas and hardboard can be so blase.  Maybe it lacks  depth, or maybe the  wall space lacks actual wall space.

There Are Doors, and Then There Are Doors

What can you do to incorporate play into your musicianship or other creative pursuits?