Emotional Labor: 4 Tips for Sharing the Mental Load

Have you ever felt, much like Jennifer Aniston’s character in The Breakup, that you didn’t just want your partner to do the dishes; you wanted them to want to do the dishes? 

If so, you were likely dealing with an imbalance of something called emotional labor.

The concept of emotional labor is essential to a happy, healthy household ecosystem 

There is a hidden cost to managing a household that once had no name but now goes by many: Emotional labor, mental load, invisible labor.

What is Emotional Labor?

refers to the myriad unpaid mental tasks and emotional demands of day-to-day family and household management

Emotional Labor:

– Managing kids’ meals, schedules, transportation, etc – Keeping track of important events on the family calendar

Emotional Labor Includes:

When we don’t give enough attention to emotional labor, it will often fall mostly or entirely to one person in the family . It's important to share the load

Sharing the Load

Talk about it. Play to each person's strengths. Allow room for discomfort.

Tips for sharing the load