Essential Conversations You Must Have Before Moving in Together

Moving in with a romantic partner is a huge relationship step. 

Adult conversations about money, chores, and expectations are crucial to cohabiting successfully.  

Here are the adult conversations you should have before living together 

There is no right or wrong way to mix finances and living expenses; every situation and relationship is different.

How To Split the Bills

The best time to discuss what to do in a setback is before the setback happens. 

When Set Backs Happen

Savers feel frustrated when spenders blow all their money, and spenders feel controlled when savers tell them they can’t buy what they want. 

Spending vs. Saving

Living together is a test to see if you want to take the next step in a relationship, and if someone refuses to do their equal share, they fail the test.

Who Takes on What Chores

Discussing whether you want to have kids in the future is a vital conversation everyone should have before entering into a serious relationship

What Happens if We Have Kids?