Everything You Need To Know About Discord Emotes

Discord is a fantastic messaging service, and one of the best things about it is how customizable it is. 

Discord also has many fun integrations and different ways to use emotes, which can be overwhelming to folks who are new to the app. 

You can use emotes for a variety of things across the discord. You can use them like you would on Twitch or via text -basically as a normal part of the conversation.

To upload custom emotes into your own server, go to your server settings and scroll down to emotes. Under the server emoji heading, you will see a brief description of how to upload emotes.

Your Nitro subscription gives you the ability to use any emote from any server you are a member of in any other server. This is known ad global discord emotes.

Some people have amazing graphic design skills and can craft perfect emotes with Adobe or a free program like Gimp.

When making your own emotes, ensure that they are 128×128 pixels in resolution and that the file size is less than 256kb.