Exploring Thankfulness and Gratitude

We should make it a point to express thankfulness all year long, not just around the holidays  

Thankfulness means being conscious of a benefit that we received, and appreciating that we received that benefit. It’s a feeling we have inside of happiness and gratitude when something good happens to us. 

 - Say thank you -Write a thank you note - Pay it forward -Repay the favor -Model the behavior

How to Express Gratitude 

What Should We be thankful For?

- Health -Family -Friendships -A beloved pet -A home -Friendships

There are many things in life to be thankful for:

Sometimes we want to be grateful, but we struggle with it. Here are some ideas building a habit of gratefulness

How to Be more Grateful 

-Set daily intentions for gratefulness -Keep a gratitude journal -Take a step back to appreciate what you have

How to be more grateful

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