Film Locations from Famous Movies You Can Visit in Real Life

Stunning Movie Locations

Have you ever seen a stunning movie location and thought, “Wow, I want to be there!” 

Film Locations You Can Visit

Well, sometimes you can! Here are some of the best film locations where you can recreate scenes from your favorite movies! 

Platform 9 ¾

Pretend you are a witch en route to your magical classroom via the Hogwarts Express! 


The idyllic village where hobbits make their home may have been built for the movies, but it lives on as a tourist attraction in New Zealand 

Canyon of the Crescent Moon

The holy grail rests inside the Canyon of the Crescent Moon, but the real-life location is Petra, Jordon

Get in Shape with Rocky

Nothing gets your blood pumping more than watching Rocky Balboa ascend the massive flight of stairs to the hearth-thumping “Eye of the Tiger.” 

Sunnydale High

An unassuming high school in Torrance transformed into various schools from beloved shows and movies 

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Swipe up for more Film locations you can visit