Financial Responsibility: What it is & Why it Matters

What Does Financial Responsibility Mean?

Being financially responsible means paying your bills on time, not taking on more debt than you can afford, and generally just being responsible for your own life  

Financial Responsibility

It also means being prepared for the unexpected, so a financial liability won’t destroy you, and taking responsibility for items you need to pay (I.E - the at-fault driver is financially responsible in an auto-accident)

View on Financial responsibility

Partners in Fire consistently supports policies that would lift people up, like UBI, Universal Health Care, and Universal Childcare. Some may think that means we don't care about personal financial responsibility

Financial Responsible is Important!

Financial responsibility is immensely important for everyone, partly because we don’t have those policies that I advocate for so there’s no other option, but MOSTLY because that’s what being an adult means. 

Tips on Being Financially Responsible

Here are some tips on how to be more responsible with your own financial life!

Set Priorities

take a really long hard look at what really is important to you. What are your future goals, and how does your spending support those goals   


personal budget can help you ensure that your spending is in line with your priorities and lead you to a financially responsible life. 

Increase Your Income

Making more money will ensure that you can pay your bills and give you the opportunity to put more fun money into your budget. 

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