9 Flight-Safety Tips for Your Summer Vacation

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Stay Calm

Stay Calm

Try taking deep breaths or distracting yourself with movies and games. 

Even the thought of flying induces anxiety for many.   For a better flight experience, try to stay calm.

Wear Your Seatbelt

Although many passengers will click their belts when the light flashes and turbulence hits, most don’t think about it during smooth sailing. 

The safety video provides critical information about the aircraft’s features, emergency exits, and emergency procedures.

Pay Attention to the Safety Video!

One of the top reasons passengers get injured during turbulence is because they don't follow instructions from the crew and cockpit.

Follow Instructions

To maximize your safety and the safety of others, wear a mask while flying. Yes, it’s uncomfortable and annoying, but slight discomfort is better than spreading illness. 

Wear a Mask

The high air pressure and lack of movement during air travel make air passengers susceptible to this type of clotting. 

Stretch Your Legs

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Avoid Fizzy Drinks

To avoid indigestion, limit your intake of beverages known to cause bloat before a flight, (especially longer flights).

If a flight attendant asks you to help manage a belligerent passenger, do what you can. Folks causing a scene on an aircraft can make the journey unsafe for everyone. 

Help Out

Store Your Luggage Properly

If flight attendants ask you to gate check your bags while boarding, do so without argument.  Don’t try to shove things that don’t fit in the overhead compartment. 

Have a Safe Flight!