Freelance Writers Are Losing Jobs to AI: Who's Next?

As AI writing bots like Chatgpt continue to improve, numerous writers are finding themselves out of work. 

Companies would rather pump out free, subpar content than pay writers for good work.  

The Original Poster (OP) said they’ve worked as a writer for over ten years, as both a freelancer and independent author.

Losing Contracts

Chatgpt took their job. They've lost numerous clients that they've worked with for years.

Choosing AI

AI's content may not be as good, but companies can pump out hundreds of articles for free

Cheaper and Easier

One user said they had the same experience as a freelance copywriter but still see many companies hiring for similar positions. 

Freelance Copywriters Hit Too

An aspiring artist who made decent side hustle income from their craft said AI art decimated their side business. 

AI Hurts Artists