Yes Generational Poverty is Real. Here’s How to Overcome It!

Generational poverty is the opposite of generational wealth.

Instead of inheriting a solid financial foundation and getting a leg up in life, kids are taught little about finance and learn to live hand to mouth.

To understand generational poverty, we first need to understand poverty in America.

Poverty In America

Generational poverty is genuine, and Urban Ventures define it as a family that has lived in poverty for at least two generations.

Is Generational Poverty Real?

It can often seem to those of us looking in from the outside that it’s their own fault they are poor.

What Causes Generational Poverty?

We shouldn’t put the onus on the individual to overcome generational poverty when it’s not the individual’s fault that they are stuck in it.

How Can Someone Overcome Generational Poverty?

We, as a society, could do so much more to help the working poor escape poverty.

How Can Society Fix Generational Poverty?