What Is FU Money?

FU money is having enough money to be able to say:.

F@*# YOU! I don't Need this Job!

FU Money  VS Emergency Funds

FU money is different than an emergency fund. While an E-Fund should get you through an emergency like a job loss, it will be stressful and you'll need to find a new job

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FU money gives you the option to quit stress free!

Get FU Money By:

Saving Money

Save money on living expenses and cut back on non-essentials


The best way to grow your money is to invest it!

Earning More

Increase your income so you can save and invest even more!

How can everyone have FU money?


Vote for programs that would prevent you from having to work at a job you hate! My favorite is a UBI, which would give everyone enough money to survive - basically FU Money For All!


FU Money For everyone

I get it. The deck is stacked against us. How do you save and invest enough money to never have to work again? Or to be comfortable quitting your job?

Start Building Your FU Fund Now!

A UBI isn't realistic in the near future, so you need to start on your own fund now.

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Start cutting costs where you can, investing your extra income, paying off your debt, and setting yourself up to be able to quit a toxic work situation stress free.