Getting Off The Beaten Path in by Visiting Hertogenbosch

The first thought everyone has when you say you visited The Netherlands is Amsterdam. It’s a gorgeous city filled with history and intrigue, a must-see place for any tourist in the area. 

However, there is much more to the Netherlands than just Amsterdam, and I discovered it due to a friend’s love of a medieval artist. 

Hertogenbosch is a quaint little town about an hour south of Amsterdam and 45 minutes from Germany’s western border. It has a main street filled with little shops and a few restaurants.


It's also the hometown to one of the most influential artists of the middle ages, Hieronymus Bosch 


Bosch was a surrealist, and as such, he was centuries ahead of his time. He named himself after his hometown, Hertogenbosch.

Bosch the Artist

The art center is in an old church that still holds community functions. The top floor has panoramic doors that offer visitors a wonderful view of all sides of the town.

Hertogenbosch Art Center

The Art Center had a wealth of information on the medieval artist and reprints of most of his famous paintings. The originals are spread out in museums across the world (each copy listed where museum the original piece is on display).

Bosch's Works