15 Haunted Hotels You Can Stay At!

Are you brave enough to risk a ghostly encounter? 

Tales of true hauntings abound in historic places throughout the US. 

Consider a stay at one of these notoriously haunted hotels!


Concord Colonial Inn

Virginia’s historic Concord Colonial Inn topped the annual survey of haunted hotels in 2021. 


The Emily Morgan Hotel

Travelers looking for a haunt in the Southwest should head to the historic Emily Morgan Hotel in Downtown San Antonio.  


The Sayre Mansion

The Sayre Mansion is a historic Bed & Breakfast nestled in historic Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 


Hotel del Coronado

One of the most pristine San Diego beaches is home to a legendary haunted hotel: the Hotel del Coronado. 


The Wort Hotel

The hotel was a hotbed for illegal gambling in the mid-nineteen hundreds and still features the famed Silver Dollar Bar.  

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