Going Out is Expensive

If there’s one thing I learned from my no-spend fails (most notably September), it’s that going out is expensive!

I seriously don’t know how people manage to go out to bars, clubs, and restaurants multiple times per week.

According to Event Bright, the average person spends about eighty bucks in a single night out!

How Much Does the Average Person Spend on a Night Out?

They concluded that a night out costs $74 on average, just slightly lower than the Event Bright study.

How Much Does a Night Out Drinking Cost?

From what I understand, people flock to clubs for the dancing. I’ve never been into dancing, but I’m not here to judge people who are.

Why Do People Go Clubbing?

The insane expense of going out can put a damper in that, but there are ways to go out with no money.

How can I go out with no money?

Sometimes you just want a delicious meal that you don’t have to cook or clean up after, right?

Eating Out is Expensive