Growing up Living with Hoarders.  Now I’m a minimalist

Kristina Marinelli is a is just beginning her blogging adventure. Her goal is to start writing about her own personal finance journey.

This expedition started in an unlikely place – a household full of hoarders. Here’s her origin story, and how living with hoarders turned her into a minimalist.

Over the years, the house was filled with more useless junk accumulated from my grandparents and my mom.

Accumulating Stuff

Their hoarding was contained to their bedrooms at first, then slowly trickled into the kitchen and various parts of our house.

Living with Hoarders

Upon moving away to college, I only took a large suitcase. At the time, I wished I could have taken more stuff with me.

Learning to Live with Less

It took about a year and half, but I purged everything except for my driver’s license and social security card.

Becoming a Minimalist

I became an extreme minimalist, and I thought I was weird because I didn’t know others lived like this.

Becoming a Minimalist