Have Some Fun With 80s Makeup

Playing Dress Up

On a rainy day when the kids are feeling bored, or when we’re looking for something low-energy and fun, we like to play dress up.  

Fun 80s Style

In the 80s, people looked and dressed very differently! I’m talking neon colors on shoes and clothing, with bright eyeshadow and lip colors. 

80s Blush

– Bright red or pink blush extends past the cheekbones, giving a contoured look.

80s Eyeshadow

Colorful eye makeup like blue eyeshadow, pink and purple eyeshadow. The smokey eye look was typical in the 80s.

80s Lipstick

Fuchsia lips and pink lips were the more popular lip color look. Lip liner was typically darker than lipstick

More make up looks

Fake beauty marks and foundation that is one shade lighter than your normal skin tone were also very popular in the 80s

Swipe up for more on starting 80s Make Up!

Swipe up for more on starting 80s Make Up!