Hemorrhaging Money? Here's How To Fix It!

Whether it be surprise bills, special events, or just rampant stress-shopping, sometimes our spending gets out of hand.  

Here are some common reasons you might be hemorrhaging money and ideas to help you fix it!

Emergencies happen. Whether it be a surprise car repair, a trip to the emergency room, or an appliance failure. They often crop up one after the other.


Your best defense against hemorrhaging money due to emergencies is to set up an emergency fund. Start putting a tiny bit aside each paycheck to help you handle these surprises

Defense Against Emergencies

Your friends are getting married, your kid is graduating high school, and your mom's birthday is coming up. These are all wonderful events, but they tend to cost a lot of money

Special Occasions

You don't need to hemorrhage money to pay for special events. Make a plan well in advance, know what you will need to spend, and stick to that budget

Make a Plan

A big way we hemorrhage money is through rampant, uncontrolled shopping. Sometimes, when we feel bad about ourselves, we just want to buy all the things.

Compulsive Shopping

A great way to prevent yourself from stress shopping is to relieve the stress in a healthier way.

Your Best Defense