Here's How to Make Money Playing Video Games

Getting paid to play video games is the dream. Gaming is fun, fairly inexpensive, and you can make money doing it! 

Some people have even been able to turn their love of gaming into a full-time income.  

Whether you're looking for a little pocket money, side hustle income, or a full time job, there's an opportunity for you in gaming 

Mistplay is an app that pays you to play games. It has plethora of free games, and allows you to earn in a variety of ways.


Buff is essentially a rewards program for gamers. It’s great because it’s available both as a mobile app, but also on your PC – so you can earn money wherever you like to play!

Buff Games 

This is the only app that pays you real cash. It’s not easy to win, but some of the scratch-off games offer real cash prizes.


Skillz is an app that combines gaming tournaments with mobile gaming. You can win real money by defeating others in these competitions.


Gamehag is like a cross between those survey apps we mentioned and Mistplay. Although it does offer a few games that you can earn money with, there aren’t many.