How Much Money do you Need?

This Question is missing a key component...

To Retire?

For What??

To Survive?

To reach financial Independence?


If you're planning to retire in your 60s, the common rule of thumb is you will need 80% of what you make now. But that's just a guideline! Be sure to consider how you want to spend your golden years!

How Much Money Do I need to Retire??


The amount you need for financial independence depends on your FIRE goals, your retirement age, and what type of FIRE you want to pursue. Start by learning how to calculate coast FIRE to see how close you are

How Much Do I Need for Financial Independence?

How Much Do I Need to Survive a year?

Could you go a year without working? Tally up your monthly expenses, then add your annual and semi-annual bills (like taxes or insurance) and see how much it costs to live for year. Do you have enough in savings to cover it?

Financial security means different things to different people. Having a fully funded emergency fund and healthy retirement savings are great steps though!

How Much Do I Need for Financial Security?