How Should Grown-Ups Spend Their Money?

"How Should Grown Ups Spend Their Money?"

Children are insightful! I asked an eight-year-old if she had any questions about money, and she asked “what should grown-ups spend money on?” 

What Do Grown Ups Spend Money on?

To answer that question, we first need to dive in and find out what grown ups actually spend money on (this data is from 2018, so may be a little out of date with rising housing costs)


Adults spend over 33% of their income on housing. As housing prices skyrocket, this percentage will get higher and higher


Grown ups spend about 16% of their incomes on transportation. This could include car and insurance payments, but also public transportation


Food is the next biggest expense. Grown ups spend about 13% of their money on food. This includes both groceries and eating out. 

What's Missing

There's something big missing from the graph of what grown ups should spend their money on. Did you catch it?

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Swipe up to find out what it is!