What is financial responsibility and why is it important?

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Being financially responsible means paying your bills on time, not taking on more debt than you can afford, and generally just being responsible for your own life


Of course, part of being financially responsible is getting car and home insurance to protect yourself in case something happens

Saving for a rainy day

Supporting yourself financialy

But it's more than that. Financial responsibility also means:

Paying your bills on time

How to be more responsible financially

If you're struggling with these things, we can help. Here are some tips to be more responsible. 

Remember this advice only works if you already have the money. You can't budget your way out of poverty. This story is  for those who have the means but struggle with the how. 

Step 1 - Prioritize

Decide what you really want, and make sure your spending reflects that. 

Save Money on Livig Expenses

Stop buying  things that aren't on your priority list. Find ways to cut back on your expenses

Step 2 -Budget

Step 3 - Increase your Income

Sometimes you just don't make enough money. The best way to fix that is to increase your income, either with a side hustle or a promotion.

How to Increase Your Income

The politics of financial responsiblity

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