How to be yourself in a world that wants to hold you back

The world tries to funnel us all into these neat little packages of workers, but nobody truly fits into it

You can still be yourself and find happiness in a world that tries to hold you back. It’s not easy, but it’s doable.  Here's How--->


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The system sucks, in part, because of the people who make the laws. Vote them out and vote folks in who will change things for the better!

Create an out

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Voting for change takes a long time. In the mean time, start working on an out for yourself.  so that you don't have to be trapped in the system. 

Stay True to Yourself

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There’s tons of pressure from society to conform. You don’t have to though! Start small:  Jam your music on the way to work, bring in plants to make your work space feel more homey. Be proud of your hobbies!

Be Silly

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top caring what people think and do what makes you happy. If that means you want to go to cartwheels in an empty field, go for it. Sing along to the grocery store song. Embrace your silly!

Swipe Up!

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