How to Calculate


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What is Coast Fire?

Coast FIRE means you have enough money in your retirement account to have a secure retirement without contributing any additional funds

What do you need to calculate coast FIRE?

Income Sources

Estimated Expenses

Plan for Retirement


Social security, pensions, and 401Ks are all traditional retirement income sources, but you might have a side hustle or other investments as well

Income Sources

Retirment Plan

How are you going to spend your golden years? Your costs will vary depending on what you are planning to do with your new-found free time

Add up all of your monthly and yearly expenses to see how much your life typically costs per year



What will inflation be like? How much will your medical bills costs? What else don't you know?

Now that you are done gathering all the relevant information

 You're ready to make your calculations

4. Add up all of your expenses to see how much it costs you to live each year

5. Add a buffer for assumptions and emergencies