How to Deal with Stagnant Wages in a World of Rising Prices

Wage stagnation is a huge problem facing American society today. The cost of basic necessities such as housing, childcare, and healthcare continue to grow at an exceptional rate, while wage growth remains stagnant. 


How are people supposed to get by in this type of economy? How are we supposed to deal with wage stagnation? 

Handling Stagnant Wages at the Individual Level

Low wages affect you every day- it affects your family, your children, and how you live your life. You have to figure out a way to resolve that before you can even think about resolving things for everyone else. 

There are a few things you can do immediately to help ease the burden. Reduce your spending on non-essentials, or try to pick up a side hustle like pet sitting or ubering 

I realize it sucks to get a second job, but you have to do what you can do survive in the world right now. 

Handling Stagnant Wages at the Societal Level

The best way to fix the overarching problem  of stagnant wages is to effect change at the societal level. 

These societal fixes are a lot harder to achieve and take a lot of time, but they are worth the effort. Here are some things you can do. 

1. Vote Vote for policies and politicians that will address these issues. Vote in local elections as well. 

2. Vote with your dollars Stop supporting companies that don't pay fair wages. Shop at businesses known for taking care of employees. 

3. Be the change you want to see Try to opt out of the consumeristic mindset we were brainwashed with

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