How to get Started with Impact Investing

World-wide threats from global warming, the COVID pandemic, and social inequality call for change.  

The priority shift has led investors to evaluate their portfolios. The desire to outperform the market while making a positive change is enticing and possible. Impact investing makes a difference. 

Here's what you need to find out if impact investing is right for you and your portfolio. 

An investment strategy that focuses on corporate social responsibility. However, its desire to promote the welfare of others doesn’t negate the return on investment.

What is Impact Investing?

Investors will find impact investments across asset classes and sectors, including healthcare, education, agriculture, technology, energy, microfinance, housing, etc.

Types of Impact Investment

A sustainable business designed with innovation and focused on the long haul is ideal–it’s a bonus when they embrace change for a better future.

Are Risks Lower With Impact Investments?

Impact investors are taking a position to better society and the planet.

Is Impact Investing Making a Difference?

There are five main steps to impact investing, and it starts with evaluating your personal financial goals.

How To Get Started With Impact Investing