How to Get Viewers on Twitch: 40 Proven MethodS

The hardest part about becoming a Twitch affiliate is getting the viewers. Three average viewers don’t seem like a lot, but after you’ve streamed to nobody for weeks, you’re probably asking how to get viewers on Twitch. 

While it’s true that it isn’t always easy, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Here are a ton of tips for how to get viewers on Twitch and start building your community! 


Do you have a Twitter and Instagram Account? If not, you needed to make one yesterday! Post to these platforms every time you go live. You need to be posting everywhere so that your audience knows when you are live and knows to come watch you.

Promote Off Stream 


Being a Twitch Streamer means you need to build a community off of Twitch. Start by gaining your first 500 Twitter followers, and grow from there.

Build Communities on Social Media


You want to choose a game that, although popular, isn’t as saturated. Try niche games like Dark Souls, older games like Super Mario 64, or less popular games like Tales of Vesperia. These games might not have 60K watchers, but they only have one page of streamers.

Play the Right Games 


Timing is almost as important as game choice. The great thing about Twitch is that it’s an international platform, and people are both streaming and viewing at all hours of the day.

Time Your Stream 


Building an audience is all about consistency. If you have a consistent stream schedule, your viewers will know exactly when to find you.

Stick to a Schedule