How to Invest in an Airbnb From Out of State

There are plenty of reasons to think about investing in a short-term rental property out of state. 

You may have been considering buying rental properties and then started seeing the comparison of long-term vs. short-term rentals. 

From a purely financial perspective, you will want to choose a market with strong rental demand, low demand for property, and good prospects for property price and rental demand growth.

How to Select a Market

It is crucial to accurately estimate what your expenses will be to make a sound investment decision.

Airbnb Expense

Unlike expenses, it will be harder to project the revenue for a short-term rental. What you can do is get close. An estimation. A projection based on other factors.

Airbnb Revenue

Short term revenue boils down to this equation: Revenue = ADR (Average Daily Rate) X Occupancy

The Revenue Calculation

The decision to self-manage or hire a professional can depend on how much time you want to invest in your investment systems.

Self Manage or Hire Property Management