How to Plan a Honeymoon on a Budget

Cross your t’s and dot your i’s, and certainly keep these honeymoon ideas on a budget in mind. 

To make your honeymoon dreams come true, we’ve gathered some of the best tried and true honeymoon planning tips. 

Start by making your budget. The best plan involving money is one that is well thought out.

1. Budget it

Some of the best honeymoon ideas on a budget are the least conventional ones.

2. Stay Closer to Home

Booking ahead of time will help you save on accommodation and airfare and help you spread out your spending a bit.

3. Book Now, Save Later

Consider planning your honeymoon from A-Z on a budget using travel coupons.

4. Shop Travel Coupon

Cash in on any credit card points or frequent flyer miles to help keep your out-of-pocket costs minimal.

5. Use Your Rewards Point