How to Prepare for the Worst When Traveling

Traveling is an amazing experience, and I encourage everyone to leave their homes and visit far off lands!  But......

Bad Things Can happen

Like anything, there is risk involved in traveling. 

Mitigate Risk for a great Trip!

Here's how you can prepare yourself in the even that something bad happens while you're traveling

Make colored photos of your passport. Keep one with a trusted friend at home, and keep one with your luggage 

1. Make copies of your docs

Keep extra cash in pockets or shoes. If mugged, throw your wallet at the thief and run

2. Keep Money Seperate 

If staying in a hotel, use the safe. Keep a spare credit card and some extra cash in it. 

3. Use the Hotel Safe

I've hidden extra money in dirty laundry as a special "just in case stash"

4. Hide Money

Plan to touch base with a friend or family member at a certain time each day. This could be email, Facebook post, or whatever works. 

5. Keep in Touch

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