Identity Theft

Here are 7 Ways to protect yourself and your online information

In a world where everything is online and connecting, identity theft is becoming more and more common

I've had my identity stolen. I found out when I stepped off the plane in London, embarking on my first ever international trip


Hackers  got my  personal information and use it to drain my primary bank account

$0 Balance


After that, I learned how to better protect myself

Here's how to lock down your information and prevent identity theft!

Tip 1:

Pay in Cash

Skimmers can't grab your card information if you don't use a card! Pay with cash at places like restaurants and gas stations

Use a shredder

Tip 2


Dumpster diving is still a thing. People can find your important documents and get your account information

Tip 3:

Monitor Your Credit

Monitoring your credit may help you find any suspicious new accounts in your name

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