How to Recognize Financial Abuse and Get Help

Financial abuse is a type of domestic abuse. It’s a form of control and a violation of a person’s resources. 

What is Financial Abuse?

Examples of Financial Abuse

Financial abuse can take many forms. it can be when a loved one consistently takes money from you and gaslights you about it, and on the extreme side it can be when a partner restricts access to all financial resources. 

Economic abuse is the most severe type of financial abuse. This is where one person has complete control over the other’s financial resources -bank accounts, paychecks, etc. The abuser decides whether the victim can even have money to meet their basic needs 

Most cases aren't so severe. Sometimes financial abuse can be so insidious because the abused doesn't realize it's happening or has been led to believe it's normal

Other common types of financial abuse

This is financial abuse:

-Being forced to subsidize someone's life because they won't pay their bills -Using all your money towards living expenses while your partners gets toys, vacations, and builds a savings - Having to ask for money for basic necessities for yourself or children -Being excluded from financial decisions

Financial abuse happens in all types of relationships

It's not just romantic partnerships that experience financial abuse. The elderly are uniquely susceptible to being abused financially, as are children.  Anyone can be a victim of financial abuse. 

Get help

If you are a victim of financial abuse, help is available. Call the domestics abuse hotline.


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