How To Start a Blog

Why Start a Blog?

There are two main reasons why people start blogs. One is a hobby, and the other is building an online business that can generate income. 

Blogging To make Money

Most folks start blogs because they want to make money online. Although not a get-rich-quick scheme, blogging is still a way to create an online business and make money. 

How to Start A Blog

Here's everything you need to know about how to start a blog!

Name and Domain

The first step to starting a blog is deciding on your domain name. This will be your website's URL and your brand name


What do you want to write about? Contrary to popular opinion, you can have a website with multiple niches. This should be considered with your domain name and branding


Once you choose your domain name, you need to purchase hosting. This is the company that will "host" your website on it's servers. There are many hosting companies available, each with pros and cons. 

Vaughn Live 

there is no way to monetize your stream with Vaughn.Live. People on the platform are there because they love their niche and want to build a community 

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Swipe up for more on starting a blog!!