How To Start an Art Journal

What is an Art Journal

An art journal has unlined paper that’s a heavier weight, which can handle multiple media types, including watercolor and acrylic paints. 

What Can I Use an Art Journal For?

Use it to hold sketches, design your next painting, or jot down ideas for your next project.  Here are tons of art journal ideas


The simplest way to use an art journal is as a sketchbook

On-the-Go Easel

The best use of an art journal is as a portable easel. Paint in it! 

Project Design

An art journal is an excellent tool for designing your future artistic creations. Use it to sketch out aspect ratios, dimensions, and rough drafts of paintings. 

How Do I Start My Art Journal?

The best way to start is to take your journal with you and write or draw whenever inspiration strikes. 

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Swipe up for more on art journaling!