Subverting the Life Script


Before we can subvert the life script, we need to examine what it is

What is the Life Script?

Following the Life Script is doing what Your Supposed to do

Going to college...

Getting married, having kids, working a 9-5, buying a house with a picket fence...all the things you're supposed to want

That all sounds like a snooze Fest to me!


The Truth

The truth is, we are all different, We weren't all meant to live the same cookie cutter  life!

And you don't have to live your life according to someone else's script!

The traditional life script, and society's insistence that it's the only path to happiness, is hurting people

But you don't have to follow it!

Live your life for you!

Forge your own path, follow your own way, find your passions, do what speaks to you!

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