How to Use a Sublimation Printer for Cool Designs

What is a Sublimation Printer?

A sublimation printer is a machine that uses heat to transfer dye onto a variety of different objects.  

Dye Sublimation

The process is called dye sublimation (dye-sub for short). It refers to the chemical process of a material going directly from solid to gas state without transitioning through a liquid phase. 

How Does Sublimation Printing work?

There are three main steps to the sublimation printing process. 

Create Your Design

Canva is an excellent tool for creating designs, but other graphic software such as GIMP, KRITA, or photoshop will also work. 

Print Your Design

You need to use the correct sublimation ink and transfer paper to print your design. Only a printer rated for sublimation will work correctly with these inks and papers. 

3. Transfer Your Design

Use a heat press to transfer the image from the paper to your object. The process is similar to a fake tattoo, which uses water to transfer the image to your skin. 

Tools Needed for Sublimation Printing

To do this correctly, you need the right tools. That includes a printer rated for sublimation printing, a heat press, inks, and paper. 

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Swipe up for the best Sublimation printing tools!