How to Use Discord

Discord, your place to chat, is one of the most popular free chatting apps available.  It’s  a vast empire of various rooms in every niche  

Learning how to use Discord is imperative for everyone, from parents wanting to know what their kids are doing online 

To content creators in the gaming niche to people who are looking for others who share a common interest.  Here's a quick guide on using Discord 

go to to download the app or use the web version. Make an account to start using the platform!

Getting Started

Next you need to find servers to join. Servers are individual communities hosted on Discord.

Discord Servers

Discord also offers far more than traditional text chat. You can have a group chat, video chat, private one-on-one chat, and even live stream with the app.

Chat Options

Group chat is the default option inside of a discord server. The general chat rooms on the platform allow users to engage with each other via text chat.

Group Chat

A great feature of Discord’s voice chat is that so many people can participate. Discord allows up to 100 people to join a voice chat room.

Voice Chat

Advanced users may want to create their own servers or help moderate an existing server with bot integrations.

Advanced Options

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