How to Use the MEE6 Bot on Discord

The MEE6 Bot is one of the best Discord bots out there. It has a ton of functionality and is perfect for all of your Discord moderation needs. 

Here are the best features of both the free and premium versions of MEE6 and how to set it up in your server. 

MEE6 is the go-to Discord bot for moderation. It can automatically detect swear words, spam, or other trigger words you set up.


MEE6 tracks user activity levels and shows which users are the most active and engaged.


You can set MEE6t up to automatically post tweets from your favorite Twitter accounts, showcase when your favorite streamers go live, and post your favorite YouTubers’ latest videos.

Social Connections

MEE6's utility tools give you the ability to embed messages, set timers, record conversations, and track statistics both within Discord and from social media