How To Write an Epic Falling Action Sequence

We’ve reached the epic conclusion to our captivating plot, and all that’s left is a stellar ending - but stories don't just end abruptly

Readers need wind-down time after the climax, which gives them closure and eases them out of the story.  

They need falling action.  Here's how to give it to them

A story is a slow build-up of tension culminating in a pivotal moment that blows the tension in all directions.

Its All About Tension

Falling action gives audience the opportunity to ease away any tension remaining after the climax.

Trickling Down

A good story may have both an action climax and an emotional climax, and the falling action needs to wind them down from both.

Action and Emotional

Allow your hereos to wind down, return home, or celebrate their victories

Action tension

Show that the emotional climax wasn't a one time thing and marked a real change in how the characters feel and interact.

Emotional Tension