Hustle Culture: The Toxic Celebration of Working Ourselves to Death

Go to work, come home, and work on side hustles for the next three hours. Work all weekend building your side business. Never stop growing, improving, and hustling 

It’s the only way to get ahead, and if you aren’t doing it, you’re wrong.  This is hustle culture. And it’s destroying our lives.  

Hustle culture is the idea that you need to constantly be working beyond your normal job. 

Hustle culture is a dangerous blend of ableism, misogyny, and unfettered capitalism. It’s the message that everyone needs to constantly be working to be successful, and it’s toxic 

Hustle culture doesn’t even acknowledge that some people literally can’t work every minute of the day. Many people are unable to work at all, much less work twelve-hour days and weekends without a break 

It also ignores the people who have other obligations in their lives, such as childcare, elder care, taking care of a home, and all the other thousands of tasks that people (hint – mostly women) have to accomplish while they aren’t at work. 

But a second, and more insidious reason why hustle culture is so toxic is that it sends the message that this is normal. It’s normal not to afford to live unless you are working your entire waking life. It’s normal not to enjoy anything in life. 

The truth is that it’s not normal. No human who works forty hours a week should be unable to afford to live 

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