If only you tried hard enough or had an abundance mindset


Scarcity mindset is a real thing - but it's not the thing keeping people trapped in poverty 

What is a Scarcity Mindset?

A scarcity mindset refers to the psychological process that takes place when people’s basic needs aren’t being met 

Scarcity Mindset Leads to Bad Decisions

It causes your brain to panic and make choices based on the incorrect assumption that resources are scarce 

It explains why the poor make (what appear to be) bad financial decisions

If this is the only money they will ever have, why save? Why not spend it on something they will enjoy to break up the suffering for a few brief moments?

But is this really what is keeping people poor? Can we really attribute poverty to bad decision making?

Of Course Not!

Some people are trapped in poverty, and you can't just "think" your way out

Societal Scarcity Mindset

We've developed scarcity mindset at the societal level, and that prevents us from helping the less fortunate

The Shift to Abundance

Society as a whole needs to shift to an abundance mindset, rather than blaming the poor for being poor. 

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