18 Amazing Gifts for Artists of All Skill Level

Not every artist needs everything on this list, but each one of these gifts is designed to enable your artist loved one to take their flavor of visual expression to the next level.   

These gifts for artists are sure to delight any artist on your holiday shopping list.   

These are things that get used up and worn down and need to be replaced throughout the course of the year so an artist can continue to work on his/her craft. 

Art Supplies

Rosemary & Co. makes brushes designed for several media types, but they are the longest-lasting, most perfectly shaped, and sensitive brushes on the market.

The Best Paint Brushes 

The king of portable easels, there are so many nice features to the Strada brand.

The Best Easels 

Williamsburg Oil Colors are some of the finest pre-mixed paints available on the market.

The Best Paints 

There are a variety of painting surfaces available, but many artists are happy with traditional canvas or paper pads. 

Things to Paint On