Landlords Share Their Most Terrifying Rental Horror Stories

Tenants destroyed everything. I went into the property to find cigarette burns in the carpet, holes in the walls, and trash everywhere.

Needy Tenets. They broke things, called me all the time, were a hassle to get to pay their rent, and eventually, I forced them to move out

Destructive Flood. My property flooded, resulting in a lot of damage to the property and its foundation

Squatters rights. After purchasing a destitute and seemingly abandoned house, Wright was shocked to discover someone had lived on the property for 12 years

Bloody Showing. The realtor allowed their client to walk all through my home with an open wound on their foot, leaving a trail of blood inside and outside.

Bad Contractors. Unfortunately, shortly after I paid him the first $10,000.00, he ran into financial problems. I saw people in our local real estate Facebook groups complain about him not getting work done and not paying subcontractors.

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