Las Vegas - Disney Land for Adults!

Fun Things in Vegas

There are plenty of fun things about Vegas. You can carry your drink around with you outside in the streets! 

Things to Do in Vegas

There are nightclubs, bars, restaurants, shows, and gambling; the list is endless! Actually, the list isn’t infinite. There are a few novelty museums and attractions in Vegas, but that’s about it. 

Vegas is Overated 

Vegas is overrated in my opinion. Here's why

Booze & Games

The main things to do in Vegas are drinking and gambling. If you're not much of a drinker or gambler, its not as much fun. 

Party Time

Vegas is a party city. Every hotel also has a club or lounge for those interested in nightlife. But, they aren't much different than the clubs you can find in most downtown areas, and they are overpriced. 

Indoor Smoking

As a non-smoker, the indoor smoking allowed in Vegas was frustrating. Nevada is one of the only states that still allows it, which is great if you're a smoker, but a shock if you are not. 

Overly Commercial

Vegas is known for it's shopping. their are numerous high end luxury stores scattered around the strip, and a number of malls that cater to the middle class. It's great if you're a shopper, not so much if shopping isn't your thing. 

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